Practice Areas

  • Estate Planning
Maximize the value of your estate and assets and reduce the costs incurred through taxes and other expenditures, while ensuring that your beneficiaries may reap the full benefits of your legacy.

  • Probate Administration
Ensure that all claims and interests are considered and equitably resolved in a surrogate court.

  • Fiduciary Litigation
Recover for lapses in a fiduciary's duty to uphold and care for a beneficiary's interest.

  • Trust Administration
Establish and maintain a trust over property and assets for the benefit of either yourself or others.

  • Asset Protection
Ensure that your property and assets will be protected from taxation, high administration costs, and probate.

  • Tax Planning
Protect and maximize your estate by the efficient strategizing of your local, state, and federal taxes.

Please feel free to contact me regarding questions in any of these areas. 

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